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It all began with "The Ottoman Empire"

A few weeks would pass before any of us would realize, that the chesterfield Champions is a much better name.

Thanks Myke- we owe you one buddy!

Fast forward about 7 years and we find ourselves again learning new ways to ruin our music.


We would needlessly ruin classic bar songs with the to and fro of sax and guitar. Bars closed early.


We write music for ourselves and others like you. If you have made it this far,

you may as well keep going,

and learn that we have made an amazing studio for ourselves to continue our dreams of ruining songs, one at a time.

We are now the cheapest backing band you still can't afford for some reason.

If you've got a song, or thirty, kicking around in an old notebook.

If you've got 243 unamed voice notes in your phone that you will FOR SURE go back and listen to.

If you have an odd melody that you can't get out of your head.

We can't help you

go away.

Come by anytime


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